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74% Of Searchers Will View Video Search Results

by Joe Manausa, MBA on July 4, 2011

Video SERPWe conducted an informal poll on video search results yesterday to get an idea of just how likely people were to select videos that were served up by Google and other search engines when a non-video specific search was conducted. The results are early yet (and you can still vote in the sidebar of the Internet Squeeze) but it appears as if 3 out of 4 people surveyed would select a video that appeared on the search engine results page.

In my prior two posts, I was advocating the benefits to brick and mortar companies of creating a free YouTube Channel and creating videos that would help the company engage with the large population of internet consumers who favor video as a method of absorbing information. I have started a poll to get a feel for the likelihood of people actually selecting a video when they do a search on Google, and the following pie chart shows the responses are heavily in favor of viewing a video.Video Search Results

Only 26% of the respondents thus far have said that they would not choose a video that was served up as a response to their question. Remember, this is not about people who are searching for a video, rather it is about videos that are the results of non-video specific searches.

This implies that you might be able to gain some significant SEO traction by creating videos that answer, in some way or another, the common questions that internet consumers have during the process of buying the types of products or services that your brick and mortar company is selling. If you optimize these videos with proper tagging and titles, you will reap the benefits that additional exposure brings on the internet.

So take our poll if you have not yet done so, and create your YouTube Channel and start loading it with short informative videos that provides the answers that your consumers are seeking on the internet. The sooner you start, the sooner your video collection will be a great resource for consumers of your products and services.

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