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How To Create Hundreds Of Relevant Backlinks In Just 20 Minutes

by Joe Manausa, MBA on June 8, 2011

Article MarketingYesterday’s post about how to build relevant backlinks caused several readers to send me questions about how it all works. Apparently, they did not read through the free e-Book that was provided in the post 🙂 (you can now download the free e-Book from the sidebar of The Internet Squeeze). So this post will provide a little more detail on the process of writing great articles to publish for the purpose of building excellent backlinks to your company website.

Article Marketing Creates Huge List Of Relevant Backlinks

Conceptually, article marketing is simply a method for creating outstanding content to post on OTHER WEBSITES in order to create a backlink to your website. If articles are well-written and on a subject that is similar to your company’s products or services, then the links from the published articles will point back to your company website and identify you as an authority to the search engines.

This process can be very slow, because you do not want to post the same article on multiple sites. Google does not look favorably on duplicate content and most likely will not give much value to the links you worked so hard to produce. So how does your company utilize an article marketing campaign to produce thousands of relevant backlinks? Visit https://www.backlinkdoctor.com/ for their link building tips.

The Article Marketing Secret Weapon

In the past,  my organization did not have the resources to pursue an article marketing plan. The time requirements were far too great and we did not have the budget (or the desire) to outsource our article marketing plan to a group of copywriters who quite frankly, just do not know our business as well as we do. So I just added “article marketing” as another item on my to-do list.

I researched the internet (through Google of course) and found several products that would allow for mass distribution of articles, but they all contained the same flaw … they published duplicate content. I wanted an article marketing solution that would help me mass publish original, quality content on thousands of websites, all creating relevant links back to my company website. And I finally have found it.

Submit a different unique article to hundreds of sitesThe Unique Article Wizard is a brilliant tool that allows me to produce unique articles fast. These are articles that people in my company write that are very relevant to what we do, and thus the backlinks that they establish are of the highest quality. But here’s the really cool thing.

The Unique Article Wizard takes your content and helps you create a variable article that can be published differently on thousands of sites. It has you re-write a few of your paragraphs in each article, and then it spins out original content and distributes your writing to websites that have a commonality to your company or business.

By ensuring your articles are published on websites that have similar themes as those in your industry, you can be sure that the backlinks that you are creating are highly relevant (meaning what good is a link to a real estate website from an auto parts website?). So how exactly does this great article marketing tool work?

How To Create Hundreds Of Relevant Backlinks In Just 20 Minutes

First, you create an account ($67) at the Unique Article Wizard and then prepare to spend about twenty minutes turning your original content article into about 400 to 500 automatically published articles! That’s right, twenty minutes of work creates 400 to 500 quality backlinks to your site. What if you had your staff doing one of these each day? Would your site rock with several thousand relevant backlinks after a month or two?

So you take an informative article that you or one of your employees has written about a product or service that you provide, or perhaps a list of tips for buying one of your products. You literally just copy and paste this article into the Unique Article Wizard and then walk through a very intuitive wizard that has you create modifications in each paragraph.

The tool is so great because there is a “how to” video on every page of the wizard, so if you are not certain what to do, you watch the video and then do what it says. I found it so easy to use that I knocked out my first four articles in less than 2 hours (yeah, that will be about 2,000 relevant backlinks to my company websites).

Once you finish with the modifications, you click a “submit” button and then the Unique Article Wizard will publish your articles to hundreds of different websites. And you can modify the publishing frequency so that your links grow on a daily basis! Too cool!

I am very happy with the Unique Article Wizard, and I most definitely will be adding it to our marketing processes as a daily task. I will get many of our personnel involved in writing brilliant articles and the result will be hundreds of thousands of quality backlinks to our company websites. This is a tool you should definitely investigate if you plan on using your website to help you gain more business.

Submit your article to hundreds of sites

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holly uttley November 19, 2011 at 2:17 pm

Backlinks are important for search engine optimization, or getting your site ranked higher in the search engines. Backlinks produced by software that generate backlinks to high pr sites is a great way to get backlinks.
I agree with your ideas about seo backlinks. Backlinks are a huge part of search engine ranking which in turn effects your url visibility.
Backlink techniques are a bit of work, but once you are building them, there is nothing like it as far as web traffic is concerned.
Great article and detail ideas about backlink seo.


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