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Offline Marketing Can Greatly Enhance Your Sales Vortex

by Joe Manausa, MBA on April 20, 2011

Sales Vortex Offline Marketing ImageAn effective offline marketing campaign video overview can do wonders to fuel your sales vortex, allowing a brick and mortar business to transition from a dated business model to one that relies heavily on an internet marketing plan. The key is to have a specific routing plan for the traffic that you bring to your company website from offline sources.

Too often, we see millions of dollars spent in offline marketing (television, radio, newspaper, magazine, billboards, signage, etc.) and the website they promote (or merely mention) is the home page of the company website. This is a huge mistake for numerous reasons.

An offline marketing campaign should only be run if it benefits the bottom line for the company. How exactly will a company measure the effectiveness of these campaigns if all the traffic is routed to the same location? The simple answer is to create a traffic routing plan for each and every offline marketing campaign, and ensure that offline marketing supports the overall plan for an effective sales vortex.

For example, if your company sells office products and you have a company website “www.AcmeOfficeProducts.com,” then you should create a unique landing page for every different advertisement or promotion that you run offline. It could be as simple as “www.AcmeOfficeProducts.com/fax-machines” or something even more creative (and easier to remember) as “www.NotYourFathersFaxMachine.com.” The point is that we want to know the effectiveness of each campaign so that we can learn from it and do better in subsequent offline campaigns.

QR Codes For Offline Marketing

The Internet Squeeze QR CodeIf you have read any articles on QR codes for businesses, then you know these represent a great opportunity to promote your products or services to people who are offline, but are walking around with a smart phone or other web enabled device. You can create QR Codes for many unique pages on your site that you think would deliver a strong message to mobile consumers. If you have not invested any time in researching QR codes, I would strongly recommend that you study them and immediately implement a cost effective method for capturing the attention of this mobile crowd (over 50% of all online activity will be from mobile devices within the next two years!).

Do not be the company that thinks sticking a home page address into each offline advertisement is an effective offline marketing plan. If this is what you are doing, then you are missing the boat entirely. Promote special landing pages to capture more consumers, and measure-measure-measure! Once you find profitable offline marketing campaigns, you can run them to greatly enhance the effectiveness of your sales vortex.

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