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Law Firms Can Modernize Through Their Websites

by Joe Manausa, MBA on June 28, 2011

Law Firm WebsitesI had a long-time friend and his wife over to the house the other night, as they were visiting from out of town. As we sat and talked after dinner, the main topic was raised by them. They are both attorneys and wanted to know if the Internet Squeeze had any application in the legal industry, and specifically how they could go about building a website for their law firm. There is another trend to develop mobile app to attract more customers. All you need to do is to find that right company that specializes in web application development. In this case, I highly suggest you to consider using the Perfect Portal for your law firm for it can provide you with a tailored, fully branded mobile app with unique user interfaces that enables your clients to complete all onboarding tasks in one place.

First of all, services like Overland Park Battery Attorney has benefited from that internet marketing has an application for every business, and the Internet Squeeze is a book and website that serves to guide traditional brick and mortar businesses to a more effective operation using the internet. Is there a more “brick and mortar business” than a law firm?

Most law firm websites are merely brochures on the internet that show visitors (if they have any) who the principals are and where the law firm’s area of expertise lies. And I think no other industry could benefit more than the legal profession for modernizing their business methodologies.

Ask any attorney where he or she gets their business, and they will tell you “word of mouth” marketing. They are referred clients from other attorneys and from organizations that specialize in the same field as their law firm. Imagine how large and open the field for the first early adopters of a dynamite content marketing plan in the legal profession!

Law Firms Should Establish A WordPress Blog

There is no simpler and easier (or cheaper) method of creating an excellent resource site than by using a wordpress blog. The attorneys at the firm could post articles relevant to their work and gain a lot of web traffic from Google and the other search engines. They could establish squeeze pages and create their own referral network, right from their firm’s website. And they should use the best hosting solution for wordpress for a fully optimized website.

I have done some research on websites for law firms, and the good ones are very few. If you are an attorney who would like to exponentially grow your business, become an early adopter and get to work! A brilliant content marketing plan is the recipe for tons of future business, and you cannot outsource legal expertise to some “IT guy.” Lawyers have the information that consumers are searching for on the search engines, and the ones that provide the best answers will find themselves very busy.

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