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Do Google Searchers Select Videos From The Search Results

by Joe Manausa, MBA on July 1, 2011

SEO Poll Video Search ResultsAfter posting yesterday’s article about using video to enhance consumer engagement, it got me wondering just how many people are likely to select a video from their “non video specific” searches for information on Google (and the other search engines).

So I have set up a very informal seo poll of our readers about editorial link building tactic and hope to gain some insight on how effective video might really be as part of a search engine optimization plan for a brick and mortar business.

Please Give Us Your Thoughts On Video Search Results

You can see the seo poll results immediately by clicking the link above, and you can check back from time to time to see how others have answered this question. I have not used polls very often on the Internet Squeeze, but I hope that we get some good feedback on the use of video in search engine optimization.

I have read quite a few opinion pieces that believe that Google places a higher emphasis on video when it strongly relates to a consumer question, but I have not come across any great studies that demonstrate the “click rate” for these videos. I would think that Google knows they are highly regarded and it is most likely the reason that they score so well in search engine results.

Start Your Video Collection On YouTube

The best way to get started with video for search optimization is to establish a Youtube Channel (as discussed in previous post). When you upload a video, you have the ability to provide tags and descriptions for your videos, make sure you do this with laser-focused attention to search engine optimization.

Your video should be tagged with the search strings (keywords) that visitors would type in a Google search to find the answer that your video addresses. Do not be tempted to broadly tag the video, rather ensure that you target the specific topic that the video addresses. This will help your video score for relevancy over time and will earn positive feedback from the viewers.

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