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News Alert – Your New Job Is In Marketing

by Joe Manausa, MBA on May 12, 2011

Sales Vortex - Everybody Has A RoleHere’s the message on every company bulletin board (or intranet) across the US for companies that are moving their operations to the internet … “Your Job Is Marketing! Help Us Reach Out To Customers.” That’s right, regardless of your current role in the organization, you now need to understand that you play a pivotal role in helping the company attract repeat and new customers.

One could argue that this should have always been the message in any organization that prizes loyal customers, but the reality is that traditional brick and mortar businesses did not have the tools to establish customer engagement from back-office employees. How was the shipping manager supposed to do her job and still find a way to communicate with both existing and prospective customers?

Today, we can use a well-planned content marketing system to ensure that everybody in the organization helps to develop brilliant content that will fuel the sales vortex for the company. Everybody who has a job at the company has a unique perspective on the company’s products and services, and this perspective might just be the answer for which searching customers are trying to find.

Today’s message is designed to motivate the leadership at all organizations, both large and small alike, to enable their workforces to engage with the customers. By establishing organization imperatives and detailed scheduling, everybody can contribute to the targeted marketing plan that will help the company become the dominant player in their product or service niche.

If you believe that your customers are going to Google and other search engines when they begin the process of buying products or services from you and your competitors, then you must recognize the need for “answers” which Google will prize and identify as the “best” answer for the searcher’s question. This is a core element of the sales vortex, so start figuring out how all of your company can help the search engines to crown you as the best of the best!

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