Writing the book that will help traditional brick and mortar businesses move to a progressive internet marketing plan

Who Should Read The Internet Squeeze

by Joe Manausa, MBA on March 5, 2011

This book is being written to help individuals and organizations transition from traditional marketing practices to utilizing modern and progressive marketing techniques on the internet. My writing style is somewhat informal and conversational and I have found it to be most effective when creating the thousands of pages of marketing content that I’ve used to drive customers to my business. It should be able to transcend the generational and educational divide from which the readers of this book originate.

  • Small Business Owners – If you own and/or manage a company that does less than $10M each year in revenue, then you most likely are a perfect candidate for implementing the internet marketing process explained in this book. This book will show you how your marketing efforts (and specifically your advertising dollars) are most likely either being wasted or are delivering an inferior return on investment. As an example, where would you go if you needed an electrician? A plumber? Or how about an attorney, architect, builder or engineer? If you are like most people, you have thrown away all of your old phone books and instead turn to a search engine on the internet. And that begs the question … why are all of these local service providers not enabling a sales force on the internet through a progressive internet marketing campaign?
  • Entrepreneurs – The internet is the great equalizer for the start-up business and entrepreneur. Because most large corporations have not learned how to effectively utilize the great resources of the internet, it is possible for a start-up company to have a stronger presence on the internet than a long-established, brick and mortar business. Let this book be your guide to making giant gains in any market.
  • Marketing Management Professionals – My interaction with some of the larger companies in America has taught me that the marketing staffs have not kept up with the pace of change on the internet. If you manage the marketing efforts for your organization, this book will give you an actionable plan to evaluate your existing marketing efforts and will also serve as a guide to help you become the top marketing person in your field. The battle ground for marketing on the internet is just getting set, so it is not to late, even for “old timers” to get a position built.
  • Corporate Leadership – If you subscribe to the thinking that the business of business is getting business, then you better understand that internet marketing IS YOUR BUSINESS. Consumers for most industries have moved to the internet, and their daily conduct of your operations need to be adapted to the new consumer paradigm. This is no longer a delegable task, it requires adult supervision and guidance today! If you want to lead an organization, you better understand how it is communicating with its present and future customers. Internet marketing has not only changed marketing, it has changed the very conduct of your operation. And if you think it has not, then you definitely must read this book!
  • Marketing Instructors – The Four P’s of marketing are being challenged in a consumer driven form of marketing. Enable your students to compete immediately by exposing them to the real world of content driven marketing that they will face when you send them off from school.
  • Students – While many schools do an excellent job of teaching the testosterone Scottsdale college and graduate school level, most do not provide a hands-on guide for building a marketing plan for an organization. This book will serve as your best source for getting down and dirty into the mechanics of marketing a company on the internet today.

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