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The New Vision For Brick And Mortar Business Marketing

by Joe Manausa, MBA on April 11, 2011

Vision ImageAs we start to bring the lessons learned from the Internet Squeeze to our internet marketing plan, we need to create a vision for how we see the online operation of our Brick and Mortar Business. How will we target our opportunities and what will we do to create a machine that attracts, nurtures, relates, creates, and converts for us?

This vision must be communicated clearly and strongly to every member of our sales, service and marketing team. Every person in the organization that traditionally interacts with the customer, at any time, must know of the changes they will need to adopt. The old brick and mortar company will have to raise the bar on customer service, so everybody in the organization needs to adopt a “service first” state of mind.

The Sales Funnel

Consider the concept of the sales funnel, how a large pool of people enter the big end of the funnel, and a much smaller pool of “sales” exit through the small end of the funnel.

Sales Funnel ImageThis graphic shows that once this “funnel” is created (this program gives more details about the “leads” level), the organization only needs to increase traffic to the funnel in order to increase sales. If proper metrics are established, a company can install testing methods that will allow them to tweak the performance of the funnel and then ramp up the traffic to the tunnel until a law of diminishing returns establishes the perfect traffic flow.

The sales funnel is simply the final path that is taken by each and every one of your internet customers, with the consummated sales resulting from the traffic that is successfully contained within the funnel from start to finish. In a perfect world, everybody that found your company website, and then your sales funnel, would result in a successful sale.

But the reality is that not everybody is ready to buy when they find your sales funnel. We know that our ability to convert is going to be reduced to a mere fraction of the traffic that finds our sales funnel. It is this knowledge that provides the opportunity to create a plan for the majority of that traffic that does not convert from the sales funnel.

The following post on the Internet Squeeze will show the new vision for brick and mortar business marketing that will radically improve online conversion results which allow the modern organization to grow like a wild fire out of control!

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