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Video Your Message For Customer Engagement

by Joe Manausa, MBA on June 30, 2011

Video EngagementI have some experience at creating videos for the web, and I can tell you that video should be part of your internet marketing plan. Different people like to communicate in various ways, so video adds another method for you to reach potential customers for your company.

Nothing on the internet is more engaging or easier for a visitor to consume, and if you choose to host some of your videos (for free) at Youtube, you will get the benefit of traffic that is derived from video hosting sites.

Of course, video adds another beneficial layer to your search engine optimization plan. Google and the other search engines seem to give great value to video, often times having highly relevant video rank quickly near the top of the search results for a specific topic. Imagine if you were to have a video (or videos) addressing all sorts of related information about each of your products or services.

Using Video To Answer Common Consumer Questions

I have decided to slowly implement a video plan for my real estate website in Tallahassee. I know that many prospective home buyers and sellers have an array of questions for which they are seeking answers. Often times, they have opinions already formed, based upon past experiences, that are no longer accurate for today’s turbulent housing market. I think video is a great way to reach out to these people.

For example, in Tallahassee and many other US housing markets, nearly 60% of the homes that have hit the market in the past 365 days have failed to sell. Declining demand is making it very difficult to get a home sold in many markets, and home sellers across the country are asking the same question:

Why Is My Home Not Selling?

Well, I have created a short video answer that has been getting views from every single state. I am expecting this video which has gained some popularity lately will bring more home sellers to my other real estate frequently asked questions video series. From this traffic, I know that I will be able to find home sellers who want to work with me, regardless of their location, to get their homes sold fast.

Establishing Your Own Channel On Youtube

Youtube offers some great free resources, and every business which wants to transition from a brick and mortar operation to one that thrives on the internet should consider having their own (Free) Youtube Channel. You can google how to create your own channel, and there are many great “how to” videos that will walk you through it.


YouTube Video Channel

YouTube Channel Statistics

An identity on Youtube is like having another company website, allowing you to spread both your message and your brand. You can reach a lot of viewers on Youtube, and if they like your video offerings, you will begin to see traffic to your company website directly from your videos.

I have included a screen capture for my YouTube Channel Statistics. I started this new channel just five months ago, and it has been viewed nearly 30,000 times. Considering this is for a real estate company in Tallahassee, Florida, that is a lot of exposure from a free website!

The key to an effective video-customer engagement plan is to write a plan. Determine which of your products or services that you would like to expose through video, and then determine all of the typical consumer questions that arise during the process of buying them. Establish a plan, with timeline, for producing the videos that you need.

For your first attempt at using video to engage consumers, I would recommend a zero-budget plan using employee generated videos discussing the various topics in which your customers have the most interest. You can make them funny, informational, tantalizing, etc., just make sure that you make them interesting to your target audience. Great videos are like brilliant content, they deliver traffic to your website.

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