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Use What You Know To Draw Customers To Your Website

by Joe Manausa, MBA on June 1, 2011

Decision Making ToolsRegardless of your industry, if you have been active and have a vast amount of experience, then most likely you have had this thought before … “I have heard or seen it all.” And if that is the case for you, wonderful! It is time to put it all down in writing and figure out all the neat little decision making tools that would be a benefit for your future customers.

On my web site, I publish real estate market reports on a regular basis, down to neighborhood levels. While this is not the most exciting “literature” that one can find on the internet, I can tell you that comparison shoppers eat it up! And they want to work with the company that can best secure their needs! Nothing says “expert” more than a published report with charts, graphs and analysis!

A top-notch marketing plan will provide the tools necessary for comparison shoppers to work through their decisions, without having to leave your company website. I suggest you need to start generating your list of every decision point your customers experience along the way of buying your product or service.

Does Your Website Help Consumers Make Decisions?

While having the information that they need to make a decision is great, creating a tool or widget that allows them to work through the decision making process right on your site allows you to generate a stronger relationship with your soon-to-be customers, for this you will need many customers and you will have different viewers so the need of the ada website compliance certification is essential for a new or current site.

The best place to find these tools is by doing a little R&D. Get on the internet and find tools in both similar and dissimilar industries. If he you are going to be an internet marketing genius, then you need to learn from your competition, from strangers, from other industries, and from anybody who seems to have something that is working. Marketing requires R&D just as much as any other facet of your business, so make sure you schedule it indefinitely until you retire.

By having the tools and information readily available and easy to use, you create a path of least resistance for consumers to gravitate towards your company. Your company website can offer comparison shoppers the best of these tools and resources, and thus position you as the dominant player in your niche.

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