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Why You Must Think Like Your Internet Customer

by Joe Manausa, MBA on March 22, 2011

Walk A Mile In The Buyers Shoes ImageIf you want to sell something, think like your internet customer! By walking in the shoes of the consumer, an individual or organization has the ability to reverse-engineer the entire consumer experience and build an electronic delivery system designed to exceed the expectations of the customer you can learn more here.

Prior to the internet, sales managers had a devil of a time gaining any analytical insight into the performance of their sales force. Sure, they could tell you who their producers were, and they could tell you who was not productive, but they could only guess at the productivity of each of the advertising campaigns. The process of identifying the true source of business, without bias from the sales force, was hypothetical at best.

Having spoken to marketing and sales management professionals from numerous industries, as well as those in the real estate brokerage business and small businesses around the country, I can tell you that behind closed doors, not many people are conducting accurate lead source analysis. The ability of an organization to track a lead from inception, all the way through to the conclusion of a transaction has been fraught with incomplete systems and a lack of accurate management oversight. Until now.

Every product or service has a lead incubation cycle that can be learned through analytical study with a properly designed internet marketing campaign. Throughout the Internet Squeeze, I will explain my findings in the real estate brokerage business due to my abundant store of data measurements, but these methodologies have been used with various other products and services as well.

How The Internet Buyer Buys

I started an in-depth study of the process that the real estate buyer undergoes from 2007 to 2010 in order to determine patterns that I could reverse-engineer and implement in my marketing plan. My findings will not necessarily surprise you, but the methodologies that I was able to develop have completely changed the way that my company does its business. I have reduced my cost of sales, slashed my advertising budget, and have seen customer satisfaction grow on a continuous trend Learn more.

My findings led me to the conclusion that my website was far too generic in nature, and that it was not geared to capture business. While it was considered to be “one of the best in the industry,” it was in actuality a slightly better version of the ineffective traditional model. My web site advertised my properties and my services, but it did nothing to identify the actionable time frames of my potential customers.

I wanted an internet marketing solution that would change a very traditional “brick and mortar” real estate brokerage business to a modern, 24/7 online sales operation that could respond to the immediate needs of today’s impatient consumer. By learning the processes that today’s internet savvy consumer was using, I was able to re-engineer my website to better capture business. For you to do this for your business, you need to understand the three stages that your customer will go through and what processes you need to create in order to serve these needs at each important stage, one of things we recommend the most is a text message system for business, this is a great way to always be there for your customer.

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