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Waiting For Thesis 2.0

by Joe Manausa, MBA on May 24, 2011

Thesis 2.0*** UPDATE 9/24/2012: Thesis 2.0 will be released 10/1/2012. Those that buy Thesis prior to release date are grand fathered in to current lower price. You can read all about the new release at this Thesis 2.0 Review.

If you are planning a new website and are waiting for Thesis 2.0, you might want to reconsider. If you have no idea what Thesis 2.0 is, then you’ve come to the right place, as this article will briefly walk you through the critical information that you need if you are looking to create a new website for your company.

First things first. The Thesis Theme for WordPress is a premium WordPress theme (users will tell you it’s The Premium WordPress Theme) that allows basic-level users to create a search-engine-optimized website for their company. The Thesis Theme is the “control panel” that allows non-technical people to set up a website that will help drive online traffic to view the products and services of the company.

WordPress was once merely the product of choice for bloggers on the internet, but as content marketing has grown, WordPress has become a great choice for companies who are looking to find better ways to reach their target audience and pool of prospective customers. When users establish a WordPress site, they must choose one of thousands of different themes which serves as the control panel of how everything on the site displays.

The Thesis Theme, established years ago as the leader in theme simplicity and site performance, is currently in version 1.8. Chris Pearson of  DIYthemes has been working on version 2.0 for quite some time and plans to release it when it is ready to rock the theme world. But this is the very reason that you should not wait.

It could take months before Thesis 2.0 is released, and you are wasting valuable time when you could just buy Thesis 1.8 now and get a free updates later. I began using this premium theme a few years ago and have upgraded (free for life) at least 6 times! Considering I never even had a wordpress site prior to that time, I now have about 100 of them and they all rely on Thesis to provide me with simple but powerful websites.

The smartest thing I did was purchase the developers version of Thesis, as it allows for unlimited websites. If I want to try-out a new idea or test a crazy theory of mine, the developers version allows me to create a new Thesis themed-site without any additional costs for the theme. I can honestly say that I’ve been 100% satisfied with this great product.

If you need some convincing about how great the Thesis Community is for assistance, just check out the ever-growing Thesis Theme User’s Guide and see that it is full of “how to” information that will make your site even better than you imagined.

Finally, if you want a more in-depth discussion of what it does and why I chose the Thesis Theme for WordPress, you can check out the article I wrote last year in response to all the questions that I was receiving about my real estate website. It has been growing fast and furious and is capturing such a large percentage of the real estate traffic in my market area that real estate agents from (literally) around the world are asking how and why I did it. The article, Thesis Makes The Best Real Estate Website, has received over 40,000 visits from people all over the world and continues to be one of the most trafficked pages on my website.

Take the time to check Thesis out. It has a money-back guarantee, and I suspect there haven’t been many people who have wanted to return it. The cost is cheap and the performance is incredible, so don’t wait for Thesis 2.0 when you can purchase the current version today and simply upgrade when the next version is ready for use.

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