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Social Media Provides A Pathway To Your Sales Vortex

by Joe Manausa, MBA on April 18, 2011

Sales Vortex Social Media ImageIf content marketing is the gravity at the center of your sales vortex, then social media represents the critical pathways to the center of your sales and marketing message. In our attempt to create a giant sales vortex on the internet for traditional brick and mortar businesses, every component must be in place to reap the benefits of an internet marketing plan.

The biggest challenge that brick and mortar businesses face with social media is deciding which ones the company should pursue and participate with as part of the overall company plan for driving consumers and sales to their organization. As we demonstrated in the Analogy Of The Shopping Mall, there are far more social media opportunities than a company can profitably manage, so choosing a select few and applying the principle of mass is the best options for all businesses.

A larger company might choose to engage consumers on several sites, for example Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Smaller companies with limited personnel and limited resources might only choose to work one social media channel like Instagram, but the important point is that social media is a critical component of the sales vortex. An abundance of followers on social media platforms equals credibility. The number of followers that your account has will certainly influence whether other people will see your products and services. If you’re having trouble getting noticed on a platform like Instagram. You can use paid tactics like buying followers to boost your popularity on the site. If you’re looking for the most affordable option, Upleap is the easiest way to buy cheap followers.

The reason that I wrote the Analogy Of The Shopping Mall is to assist traditional thinkers to understand how social media on the internet replaces and enhances methodologies that have been hugely successful in the past. Business leaders should not think of social media as something new, rather they should understand that social media is just a new way to do what has always worked so well, and that is engagement with the potential pool of customers for the company’s products and services.

Networking for small businesses has always been the driving mechanism for growing and sustaining the customer base of the company. But the ability of business leaders to network within their pool of potential customers was limited to time and geographic limitations. Social media provides the tools to mechanize and manage your networking opportunities and will allow you to explode your geographic reach if you take the time to implement a sound social media plan.

The sales vortex is so highly successful because it takes all of the successful methodologies of the past and implements them with modern communications tools to compound their effectiveness. The prudent company marketing executive will ensure that social media linkages are intertwined into the internet marketing plan.

Quote Credit: https://quantummarketer.com/best-instagram-hashtag-generator-tools/

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