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The Sales Vortex: Grow Like A Wild Fire Out Of Control

by Joe Manausa, MBA on April 12, 2011

Internet Sales Vortex ImageThe sales vortex is a concept that brings all of your internet marketing together into a master strategy. This is the “eye in the sky view” of your entire internet marketing plan. It is how you incorporate everything that the Internet Squeeze exposes into a targeted marketing plan.

Now that we understand that there will be a sea of traffic that brushes the company website but does not result in a sale of our products or services, we can then imagine creating a huge  sales vortex that sits in the middle of world wide web, solely to draw repeat traffic back towards our sales funnel.

This vortex is far larger than our company website, it is our plan to create interactions with the entire world of possible consumers for our products and services. If done correctly, the sales vortex will create a gravity that draws business to the company.

The gravity that pulls all of this potential towards our sales funnel is our targeted marketing plan.

Now imagine not one of these funnels working for your company, but rather hundreds, or thousands working to sell all of the products or services of your organization. Imagine a huge vortex with a limitless number of sales funnels as your view of the internet, and the mass of the vortex is all of the marketing systems that you use to propel the traffic to be exposed to your sales funnels.

Social media relationships work in the outer bands of this vortex, using these modern linkages to attract and develop relationships with the type of people with whom we can serve. A strong social media plan allows traditional networking tactics to be employed with an efficiency we could never have envisioned even ten years ago.

The inner sea of your sales vortex is your list marketing plan. We use email list marketing as a way of gaining a deeper connection to the people who have been exposed to our sales funnels or company website. Future customers and past customers are maneuvered through the vast vortex that our targeted marketing plan has created, with a gravity that continues to pull them to our sales funnels.

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