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There Is No Sales Vortex Without Organizational Buy-in

by Joe Manausa, MBA on April 21, 2011

Sales Vortex Organizational Buy In ImageMarketing leaders must sell the sales vortex to the entire company, from the top-down, because without organizational buy-in, there can be no sales vortex. The complete application of a thorough internet marketing plan requires “all hands” to be involved and supportive of the new consumer paradigm.

You will find that there is no way to move a brick and mortar company to the internet unless the entire organization buys-in to the new way of operating a company. From customer service to marketing and advertising, the internet represents the new interaction zone between the company and the consumer. Everybody has a role to play if you plan on creating a sales vortex with your internet marketing plan.

If you have followed along on the previous articles about creating and implementing a sales vortex in your organization, then you know how every position in the company has been affected by the changes that you will create. Rapid response time to consumer inquiries does not occur within marketing, thus an internet marketing plan that remains hidden in the marketing department is one that is doomed to fail.

Marketing Leaders Play The Roll Of Salesman

The “big picture” of how the consumer will navigate from the reaches of the internet through the network of product or services delivery in your company must be shared by every member of the organization. Each person must understand how their roll is mission critical in delivering your brand to the internet based consumer. Without organizational buy-in, consumers will not receive the modern service that they expect.

This buy-in won’t come easily, so the leaders of the company must make it an operational imperative to train, support, promote, and “sell” the vision to employees at every level. This is not just another management systems change, rather it is a completely different way of engaging with the consumer with everybody of your organization. Everybody now has a roll to play in customer service AND MARKETING!

In my company, everybody from the President down to the part-time receptionist helps to provide marketing copy for our website. Each of us has our own perspective and a unique insight that can create brilliant content that our customers are searching for on the internet. If all your marketing copy is written from one point of view (i.e. from the marketing department), then your reach to the consumer is limited. You just might be amazed when you start publishing content created by each department and employee of your organization.

Marketing leaders must scour the company for valuable insight and input from the people who are responsible for delivering the company’s products and services to the consumer. Management must establish systems and processes to nurture writing skills and marketing campaign creation from the people that interact with the company’s customers. Remember, consumers are going to Google with questions; your people already know the answers! Put them to work so that your company can alert Google to your status as the dominant organization in your niche.

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