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Permission-Based List Marketing Is The Bedrock Of Your Internet Marketing Plan

by Joe Manausa, MBA on April 26, 2011

Sales Vortex List Marketing ImageWhat would you do if somebody were to give you the list of a million people who had recently shown interest in something that related to your company’s products or services? More importantly, what would you do if everybody on that list voluntarily joined because they knew of you and thought of you as a great resource in your industry?

This is why list marketing is the bedrock of the sales vortex in our internet marketing plan. We want to bend the traffic that our website content creates and direct the flow to many different mechanisms designed to capture the email addresses of these prospective consumers for the products and services of our organization. Not everybody will join our lists, but many of the ones that do will happily purchase our products and services once they have determined that we provide the best solution to their existing problems or needs. (Credit: Digital Estate Marketing Agency)

Creating a permission-based list marketing plan for your company becomes very exciting when you study the scalability of how it works. There are many websites like https://www.salesforce.com/blog/2017/11/15-sales-statistics.html which readily explain to you of very important aspects of marketing. Imagine you have a list of 100 people who are big fans of your useful writing style. You promote a product to the list and (being super conservative) let’s say two people buy your product. Not a bad day for a salesperson … write an email, get two sales orders.

But let’s factor in scalability now. What if the list were 1,000 people, wouldn’t that same 1 email message procure 20 sales? Not a bad day for a sales department. Or how about a list of 10,000 people which results in 200 sales! This ability to scale our results with the growing size of the list shows why most internet marketing professionals will tell you they wish they had started their lists a lot earlier in their online marketing careers.

List marketing is being used successfully by small-time internet marketers around the world, but not many brick and mortar companies have learned to copy this phenomenal way to interact with people who are highly curious about the products and services that these companies provide. The bedrock of the sales vortex is a permission-based list marketing plan, and thus it needs to be established at the very onset of the creation of the new company website.

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