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Offer Superb Content And They Will Come

by Joe Manausa, MBA on April 8, 2011

Superb Content On Your Website ImageThe backbone to a great internet marketing plan is superb content. People (who might be converted into customers of your product or service) want information, and the purpose of your marketing campaign is to use this content to “herd” these folks to your website.

Superb content is not a static concept. You do not write scripture and then expect potential customers to make a pilgrimage to your site, rather you consider content to be a flow of information that requires a customer interaction that will occur with your website as the central focal point.

You will learn to create content that craftily mixes information and sales copy so that the visitor is compelled to do business with your company over time. Every product and service can be promoted through superior content and copy writing by using a style that delivers each step in your sales process over time without the reader ever feel like he or she is getting sold.

Direct Response Copy Writing

Some of the best copywriters on the internet are finding great success by utilizing a “storytelling” style to deliver superb content in the form that salespeople have been using for hundreds of years. Rather than the spoken word being used in a one-on-one situation, consider the benefits of developing a content delivery system which has the ability to hit all the salient processes of the sales cycle.

Students of sales copy writing refer to the AIDA formula for maximum effectiveness:

  • Attention – Use a powerful title or headline that demands the reader’s attention
  • Interest – The first paragraph should pique the curiosity and establish desire for a solution
  • Detail – The body of the work should include enough detail about your product or service to convince the reader that you have a viable solution to the problem
  • Action – A great call to action allows the reader to buy

By using the AIDA formula to deliver the superb content that many consumers are seeking, your internet marketing plan becomes empowered to sell at any given time that somebody is reading your content. Direct response copy writing, if done judiciously, will create a sales machine for your organization like one you have never seen.

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