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Know The Difference Between Marketing And Information Technology

by Joe Manausa, MBA on March 8, 2011

IT-Guy-Cannot-Build-Your-Marketing-PlanAs you begin to learn more about the time and technical requirements of content marketing, you might start to feel anxious and think about all the “experts” that you can enlist to help you understand or implement this solution. While I certainly understand your concern, I will also warn you that this would most likely work against your desire to implement a successful internet marketing plan.

You see, most of the purveyors of internet marketing solutions that I have met are individuals and companies that have a foundation in information technology (IT), and while they have the technical know-how to “program” a web site, they often times have no strategic concept of how or what you need to engage your customer of the future.

Make no mistake about it; this is not bashing web designers at all. Most companies go to web designers for a marketing solution, but you simply cannot create a marketing solution without product knowledge and expertise, and the knowledge of the needs and wants of the customers for your products. And never try to make support by yourself or without training your workers; better ask professionals like Mustard IT, a consultancy in London, for help or training. This type of effort requires “adult guidance and supervision” from the leadership of the organization. Who can possibly create the words for the benefits of your products and services better than the current sales force and people who have studied them for a great amount of time? Do not even consider outsourcing your content marketing plan, as you will soon find out that this plan will be one of your company’s core competencies.

So roll up your sleeves and go ahead and acknowledge the inevitable, get the best software for your business and start your marketing strategy. If you are responsible for the success and well-being of your company’s bottom line, you absolutely must play a key roll in the integration of your internet marketing plan. This is not a “source it out to the IT guys” option, it is a “go big or go home” time in the life cycle of your company. Embrace the change that the internet brings and know that you most likely will be leading your competitors in little to no time.

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