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The Convergence of Marketing, Advertising and Sales

by Joe Manausa, MBA on March 18, 2011

Marketing Advertising Sales ImageIf you are like most people, you often think of marketing and advertising as the very same thing. But historically, this has not been true. Companies often times lost control of the linkages between marketing and advertising, and to this end, lost control of the processes for delivering the most “marketing bang” for the “advertising buck.”

  • Marketing is the operation that plans, implements, and controls organizational actions designed to increase interaction between the organization and its intended customers.
  • Advertising is the subset of marketing that promotes a message in support of the marketing plan.
  • Sales are the results of a follow-up plan that is needed to convert customer inquiries into paid business for the organization. This is done through a demonstration of the features, advantages and benefits of the product or services of an organization, with a conclusion (closing) when the customer takes receipt of the same.

While the Internet Squeeze is not being written to generate academic discussion regarding previously defined topics, it is important to note that many organizations make the unfortunate mistake of spending a lot of money on advertising without actually having a marketing plan. For our purposes here on the Internet Squeeze, we want to simply highlight the fact that advertising is a subordinate mission of the marketing plan, and to advertise without a marketing intent is to throw away a healthy portion of what could be bottom line dollars.

The internet has blurred the lines between marketing, advertising, and sales, as some of the most successful organizations are now using traditional selling processes as the form of marketing, implemented on the company website(s). As we progress further into the book on this site, I expect to make the distinction between the three even more ambiguous, as a strong internet marketing plan is designed to gain buyers to the organization, directly from the internet.

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