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Product Review Of LinkedInfluence – Maximizing Your LinkedIn Benefits

by Joe Manausa, MBA on July 8, 2011

Product Review Of LinkedInfluenceIf you are like many brick and mortar business owners and managers, you most likely are wondering how to get better results from your social media activities. There are many different products that claim to help you grow your social media accounts, so I have targeted one that I have purchased and use, and this post is a product review of LinkedInfluence, which is a video training series on how to get more business from LinkedIn.

There are now more than 100,000,000 total users that use this social media site to engage in business activities around the world. Brick and mortar business owners would be well served to set up both an individual account, as well as an account for their company.

Why Do A Review Of LinkedInfluence

I am a big proponent of skipping as much of the learning curve in everything that I do, so long as I find a trusted mentor from whom I can copy a book of best practices. This acceleration of learning has allowed me to move farther and faster than most of my peers in the real estate industry, and it will work well in every other endeavor as well. It is for this reason that I decided to do a review of LinkedInfluence with a reputation software for agencies that I have been introduced to. Here’s hoping it makes my life easier.

LinkedInfluence is a “How To Do LinkedIn” training course that takes you from laying the foundation for your LinkedIn account, through maximizing your identity of a specific niche or desired goal, to gaining influence among the hundreds of millions of people on LinkedIn. This influence is what will allow you to achieve incredible results from your LinkedIn relationships.

LinkedInfluence was developed by Lewis Howes, who has written two different books on LinkedIn and is considered by many to be the foremost authority on using LinkedIn for business and sales. This is the type of mentor that I seek when wanting to become an expert on something in as quick a time as possible, and that is why I felt this review of LinkedInfluence was worthy of a blog post.

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn if a free social network (though their are some pay options) that is growing exponentially among business people, and smart business people want to be there.

  • LinkedIn has more than doubled in size (OVER 100 Million Members) in the past year with one user added every single second!
  • Executives from ALL Fortune 500 Companies are registered on LinkedIn!
  • 45% of LinkedIn’s members are considered the major decision makers for their companies.  (Twitter and Facebook account for only 24-29%!)
  • LinkedIn holds the record for the Highest Average Household Income over all other Social Networking sites at over $109,000 per member!
  • There are no distractions!  On LinkedIn, you’ll only find high-caliber individuals with a business mindset, focused on networking for results!
  • With the IPO of LinkedIn, it is now valued at over 6 Billion Dollars and interest and awareness are at an all time high.

Who Should Read This Review Of LinkedInfluence

Anybody who plans on conducting business, whether selling, marketing, hiring, or consulting to the types of people listed in the section above should immediately buy LinkedInfluence and give their LinkedIn Profile an immediate make-over. If you are one of the rare people not yet on LinkedIn, this program will help you go from zero to sixty in no time flat.

How Much Does LinkedInfluence Cost

The cost of this multi-volume video series is far less than you might imagine. In fact, it is so inexpensive that Lewis has just announced this morning that he is doubling the current price of $97 to $197 on Monday. I think any brick and mortar business owner will find incredible value in this product at either price, but it makes sense to jump on the lower price today in order to buy it at half off.

To give you an idea of why I know the value is well received by people who have purchased LinkedInfluence, only 5.8% of the people who have bought the program have returned it for a full refund. Imagine if your business had a 94.2% customer satisfaction rate! Most products that you can buy on the internet are poorly planned, poorly researched, and are returned at rates five times as high as LinkedInfluence (one of the first things I look at before buying a product is how other customers have rated it). Of course, the fact that you can return it for a full refund makes the decision to buy much easier as well, and any review of LinkedInfluence has to acknowledge its popularity with its customers.

What Has My Review Of LinkedInfluence Done For Me

Joe Manausa On LinkedInConsidering that I live in a relatively small community, LinkedIn has enabled my reach to extend around the world. We have sold homes in Tallahassee to people who found me from over 20 different countries in just the past three years. You can visit my LinkedIn Profile (tell me you found me on the Internet Squeeze!) and see one of the better profiles (and getting better each week) thanks to the LinkedInfluence Program.

What To Do Next

Watch this brief video and learn how Lewis drives a ton of automated traffic to his sites daily, has built an uber responsive email list, and created multiple 6 figure businesses over the last year…

… all from spending a few minutes a day on LinkedIn. I hope you enjoyed my product review of LinkedInfluence.


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