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Link Building Your Way To A High-Gravity Sales Vortex

by Joe Manausa, MBA on April 22, 2011

Sales Vortex Link Building ImageAs we continue our series of articles on how to implement a high-gravity sales vortex for your organization, it is important to know that each of these primary pieces of the puzzle are critical if you want to grow your company from a brick and mortar operation to one that dominates through a strategically balanced internet marketing plan. Link building enables you to demonstrate your niche supremacy by establishing incoming and outgoing connections to others in and around your field of expertise.

Prior to this series, we reviewed the concept of the sales funnel, which can be built online as well as it used to be done offline. The sales vortex adds an additional dimension to the sales funnel, as it shows where numerous sales funnels can exist in the “galaxy” of your internet marketing plan. But for you to promote that many different sales funnels, you need to become a recognized expert in your niche or brand.

Link building is simply a strategic plan to get others to provide a direct path to different pages on your company website. The best way to understand the importance of link building is to consider how relationships work in our offline world.

An Offline Analogy For Online Link Building

Customer Chris goes to Business Betty and purchases a product. The service that Betty provides is excellent, and the product fulfills all of the needs that Chris had hoped it would. Betty regularly communicates with Chris and encourages him to “spread the word” about her great products and services.

If Betty does this on a regular basis, soon friends of Chris start frequenting her business. Even better, friends of Chris’s friends find Betty as well. This word of mouth marketing spreads like wildfire, and soon Betty is the Business of Choice for everybody within reach of Chris and his friends.

Link building is an electronic form of this same process. Betty asks Chris to link to her site’s pages for the products that Chris purchased. Visitors on Chris’s site follow these links and end up on Betty’s site as an modern-day electronic referral. If they are happy or see that Betty is an authority, then they too begin to embed links to Betty’s site. Over time, Betty hopes to get hundreds or thousands of links to every critical page on her company website. Of course, Betty also works her link building campaign within her business sphere to gain important B2B relationships that will gain her additional prominence.

But there is an even more important facet of the online link building process., and that is search engine optimization. Search engines such as Google sit on the sidelines and watch these links being built (read about the Google comparison insurance story – another interesting engine’s move refering to the lead-generating). They place a great emphasis on the electronic referrals and view them as a “testimonial” of sorts from Chris and his friends regarding the value and viability of Betty and her business. If a lot of people are linking to Betty, the Google will be sending a lot of search traffic to Betty as well, figuring that she is the authority in her niche. And this is why we want a lot of incoming links to our company websites, because we want the search engines to view us as the authority in our niche.

Organic traffic is the best form of traffic that we can hope to establish on our company websites, because the visitors are usually far-better targeted to our offerings than ones who have clicked on a link or who clicked on a paid advertisement.

So get started on building these incoming links, you will be rewarded for a long-time once Google and its competitors think of you are page 1 material for the questions that are being asked about your niche of products and services.

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