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Lead, Follow, Or Just Watch Us Pass By

by Joe Manausa, MBA on May 26, 2011

Business LeadershipIf you are a leader in a traditional brick and mortar business, then you are faced with making the decisions that affect the very viability of your organization now and in the coming years. Whether you are the active President, CEO, or a member of the Board of Directors, it is time you recognize the changing market place and acknowledge that times have changed. It is time that you decide to lead, follow, or just watch the rest of us pass by!

If you subscribe to the thinking that the business of business is getting business, then you better understand that internet marketing IS YOUR BUSINESS. Consumers for most industries have moved to the internet, and the daily conduct of your operations needs to be adapted to the new consumer paradigm.

This is no longer a delegate-able task, it requires adult supervision and guidance today! If you want to lead an organization, you better understand how it is communicating with its present and future customers. Internet marketing has not only changed marketing, it has changed the very conduct of your operation.

Most small business leaders are working hard and just throwing some resources at this “internet thing.” You most likely are up to your eyeballs in things to do, and you would just rather have “the marketing people” figure out and handle this whole online marketing #@%! that everybody seems to be talking about. After all, you are not in the internet business, you are in the [Fill in the blank] business! Right?

Wrong! More and more business is being conducted online, and if you do not have a vision for how your organization is going to be engaging and transacting online, then I suggest you get started right away. Don’t believe me? Just ask yourself how much research and “snooping” you do online, and if it has any influence on how you choose to purchase or engage other businesses. If you are like the 90%+ of people, then you are starting your “consumerisms” online. And that is the point of today’s message.

People who plan on hiring a company (like yours) who are in the need for a [Fill in the blank] business want some information first. They are going to search engines and established sites on the internet, they are going to their social media sites to see what their friends have to say, and they want to know some basic background information on how to work with a [Fill in the blank] business, and that begs the million dollar question …

Will Consumers Find Your Business?

If I were to go to Google right now and type in the most common question that a consumer in your area and needing your product or service would type, would I find your business? Don’t for a second think that an ad that you place on Google is going to be the selection of choice! It might be if nobody has created any brilliant content yet, but this content is either already there or it is on the way. Early adopters in every industry will soon begin to squeeze business out of the internet and start to encroach upon your market share.

I suggest that you consider being among these early adopters and recognize the value the internet provides for leading needy consumers to your business. Start to envision your business as one which dominates your niche on the internet, and then guide these information seekers to the tools and resources which they need before they make a purchase decision. If they recognize you as the leader, you will be able to entice them to do business with your organization. And isn’t that what leadership is all about? After all, you are in the business of getting business, right?

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