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Get Real Time Internet Marketing Feedback From Alexa

by Joe Manausa, MBA on May 11, 2011

Alexa Ranking ImageI was recently approached by Ryan Covino, an internet marketing consultant who specializes in training real estate agents to move their business online, to provide an interview about the Internet Squeeze. Specifically, Ryan wanted to know more about the book and what I am doing to help medium-sized businesses move their operations from traditional brick and mortar tactics to ones that utilize the vast resources of the internet.

The interview was by telephone, and it was recorded, so as soon as Ryan publishes the interview, I will provide a link to his site. We covered an array of topics that ranged from my background in real estate brokerage to the work that I am currently doing on the Internet Squeeze.

I can tell you that the interview was enjoyable, because it is not often that I speak with a kindred spirit in real estate. Ryan obviously understands the movement that is occurring in real estate, and in most all other industries, to where consumers are using the internet to begin the process of buying the goods and services that each industry offers.

Internet Marketing Feedback From Alexa

The main topic of discussion centered around my “favorite” techniques for driving traffic to a company website. I explained that I was a big proponent of content marketing, not so much for the great volume of traffic that it generates, but for the quality of the traffic. After all, traffic does not pay the bills; I want the targeted traffic of consumers who are most likely to need my products or services.

Alexa Evaluation Of The Internet Squeeze

As an example, I showed him that the current Alexa Ranking of The Internet Squeeze is already below 300,000. Considering that this site is just over two months old, and there are tens of millions of websites that Alexa follows, the early traffic report is very promising. But again, it’s not just about traffic, it’s about targeted traffic. The Internet Squeeze wants to reach out to decision makers in medium-sized businesses, so again I looked to Alexa to give me an idea about who is visiting the site.

Alexa Demographics For The Internet Squeeze

I am pleased with the Demographics Report as well. The age report very much parallels what you would expect to see from decision makers in the business world. A lot of younger people have a better grasp of what can be done with the internet, but they are not in the executive positions (typically) and they are not my primary target. This tells me that the Internet Squeeze is starting to reach the people who need to make decisions about implementing a sales vortex at their companies.

I will re-visit the interview with Ryan when he posts the audio-cast of the phone call. I hope you take the time to listen to the discussion, because there is so much to be learned about making the transition from a traditional business model to one that uses a powerful content marketing plan.

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