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Implementation Plan: Starting Your Sales Vortex

by Joe Manausa, MBA on April 14, 2011

Sales Vortex Implementation PictureThe transition from a traditional brick and mortar business model to one that features a strategic internet marketing plan is no small tasking, and business owners and leaders who are charged with this undertaking must be prepared for major change in operational imperatives. Creating a sales vortex does not occur overnight, but when this awesome system is in place, you will be able to take your company to new and greater heights.

I was talking with a buddy of mine yesterday about implementing a sales vortex in his business model. He has started a new business venture and has a lot to learn, not just about internet marketing, but also in his new field of work. We spent hours discussing the process that he should utilize to get his operation moving forward, and of course it came back to the basics as we have discussed in the previous two posts.

Starting with a SWOT analysis, we have identified what he does and how he thinks he will compete in his new marketplace. Before any internet marketing plan is established, he is first creating his business plan. After all, a sound internet marketing plan only serves to support the mission of the company, and not vice-versa. Often times, business get all sorts of systems working without ensuring that they all flow together to support a unified vision for the business.

Budget and time constraints will determine just how large a sales vortex any company can establish, but elements of the vortex must include the following:

  • content marketing – this is the information that your customers will be seeking on the internet
  • social media – how to engage with your present and future customers
  • campaign planning – different methods for drawing customers to your company website
  • offline marketing – promotion of your online solutions utilizing traditional marketing methods
  • organizational buy-in – creating an online role for everybody in the organization
  • link building – establishing incoming and outgoing links that demonstrate your brand supremacy
  • list building – creating a list of people who want more interaction with your organization
  • list marketing – selling your products or services to the lists that you’ve generated
  • sales funnels – traffic routing plan on your company website with the goal of generating sales

Each one of these elements will be explored in future blog posts, as each is a key aspect of the sales vortex. The company that envisions and then implements these critical pieces of the internet marketing plan will find a new, efficient business model that will help their company grow from a traditional brick and mortar business to one that grows and prospers far beyond their wildest expectations.

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