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How Images Play Their Part In Your Sales Vortex

by Joe Manausa, MBA on May 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Rock PictureYou can make some improvements to your search engine optimization and help build the gravity of your sales vortex by making small tweaks to your content along the way. One such tweak is optimizing your images (pictures) on your company website. Did you know that many people search for images when they are shopping for products?

You might wonder what the heck the image at the right is doing on the Internet Squeeze. I put it there to help prove a point. First of all, it’s my buddy’s birthday today, so everyone together, let’s say “Happy Birthday Rock!” Secondly, the point that I want to prove is that it is not difficult to get an image optimized and have it move to the first page of images for a certain search string.

If you do a search for Happy Birthday Rock, then you will most likely see this image on the right (give it a few days perhaps). Google does a great job of indexing pictures and I will have a lot of competition for the search string “Happy Birthday Rock” because there are a lot of images with rock and roll bands singing happy birthday. But mine will be the only rock with a happy birthday message!

How To Optimize Pictures For Search Engines

The following image shows how I optimized the picture on the right for search engines to know exactly what it is. Back in the days when web browsers often times did not show pictures, a system was created to tell viewers (and search engines) what the picture portrayed. Even though web browsers now do a fantastic job with images, these devices still exist.

Happy Birthday To Ron Rice

I always give a picture a title that I want to optimize, and then an “alt tag” that describes the image, and then finally something similar in the description field. By doing these three steps for each picture, I suspect we’ll be seeing “Happy Birthday Rock” on page 1 of the Google Image Search Results Page.

Why Images Play Their Part In Your Sales Vortex

This example might seem a bit silly, but imagine if it were a picture of one of your products. Did you know that many people are looking to see what your product looks like? If they search for a picture and yours is the top search result, then they will click-through to your company website. Now imagine if you surround that picture with brilliant content, and perhaps even some compelling copy, would you gain more buyers?

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