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Don’t Hire A Techie To “Handle The Internet”

by Joe Manausa, MBA on April 1, 2011

This Has Nothing To Do With Internet Marketing ImageThere is so much information about the internet, on the internet, that it is no wonder that many a marketing professional just throws his or her arms up in despair and resorts to hiring a “techie” to “handle the internet.” But this is so wrong!

Imagine establishing a branch of your English speaking company somewhere overseas and deciding to outsource language interpretation to another company. If nobody in your organization can speak the language, how will your product or service be received? How do you know?

The internet is not merely another marketing medium, it is like a new language that all companies must learn how to speak. While it is not practical for every Marketing Chief to be able to program the company website, it is an absolute do or die requirement for marketing leaders to understand how the flow of sales will move through the internet.

This understanding will be evolutionary, just as language skills require a committed effort and continuous interaction. As a case in point, as people age in “the real world,” note how they lose touch with the jargon and slang used by the youth. Languages evolve and the internet is the fastest evolving language that exists, so organizational leaders must study and grow with it.

In the next few posts on the Internet Squeeze, we will identify some commonly used (and some not so commonly used) internet-based terms that are important to know if you are somebody with a stake in the success of an internet marketing plan. This by no means will be an exhaustive list of terms, rather it should be referenced as a starting point for the language of top internet marketing plans.

The fate of your business relies on a sound internet marketing plan. If you truly believe this, then you will not think of the internet as business system that you outsource to a technically minded youth, rather you will see it as the heart and soul of your operation. This is why the Internet Squeeze is attempting to pull senior management into the loop on internet marketing.

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Sharon May 14, 2011 at 9:49 am

Joe, I just love your down to earth advice. We hired an IT company to do SEO for our website and they did a terrible job. They had ‘coaches’ who knew IT but nothing about real estate and they optimized us for content that was not on our site. The result? We closed NO deals that year. The years before that, we were getting 3-4 deals a year from our website. We spent big bucks for nothing. You are spot on. You must be in control of your content or the consumer will see straight through it.


Joe Manausa, MBA May 14, 2011 at 9:51 am

Thanks Sharon, I think many of us learned our lessons the hard way. Tech folks are not content folks, and it is our job to make sure the right people are doing the right jobs.


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