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Great List Marketing Isn’t An Accident

by Joe Manausa, MBA on June 21, 2011

List Marketing PlanThis is the third and final article in our brief series on list marketing. You should consider reading The Power List Marketing Tool For Your Company Website and How To Write A Strategic List Marketing Plan as solid background for this to make good sense.

As the title to this post exclaims, great list marketing isn’t an accident! Use the five keys to great list marketing and evolve your brick and mortar business operation to an internet marketing sales success!

The 5 Keys To Great List Marketing

  1. Knowing Your Customer
  2. Knowing Your Product (or service)
  3. Using The Right Tools
  4. Using Metrics (results and data) To Make Subtle Changes
  5. Driving More Traffic To Your Lists

The reason that these 5 keys are so important is because list marketing is merely a way for you to continue a relationship with somebody who found you on the internet. If your company website does a great job of providing brilliant content and capturing the email addresses of visitors, then list marketing is the process that you will use to continue engaging with these visitors.

And this is why knowing your customer and knowing your product or services is so important. It is also the reason why you cannot successfully outsource your list marketing efforts. The emails that need to be written for your online customer follow-up program have to be real, not hype. They have to be engaging with somebody who has a need that your company can fill, so expertise is mission critical.

Consider the writing of these emails as something so important to your organization that you create a special “task force” to come up with a long-term email drop campaign follow-up plan. The sales force should be highly involved in this process, as list marketing is very much like the customer follow-up that they have done for years (by phone or in person).

Every product or service should have a list and a follow-up plan. The Chief Marketing Officer of your company (you if you are small!) needs to drive this plan. As we have discussed in previous articles, your email lists will provide you with so many sales opportunities, but only if it is well written and well executed.

Take the time to make list marketing a top priority in your company, and you will be well on your way to transitioning from a brick and mortar business operation to one that finds great success on the internet.

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