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Free Tools Offer Great Leverage To Your Content Marketing Plan

by Joe Manausa, MBA on May 3, 2011

Tools For Content Marketing ImageIn a recent post on the Internet Squeeze, we covered how and why you should perform a SWOT Analysis as you prepare to evolve your brick and mortar business with an internet marketing plan. The SWOT analysis helps you gauge your current situation and how you stand to best take advantage of opportunities within your business niche.

When you look at beginning a brilliant content marketing plan, you can use some free tools on the internet to find the best key-words that relate to your company’s products or services. These tools help you examine the specific search strings used by people everyday on search engines, and specifically the people that you are looking to lure to your company website because they are the targeted type of traffic most likely suited to the offerings of your company.

Keyword Tool Aids Search Engine Optimization

In order to create content that is wonderfully received by the readers you hope to convert to customers, you first have to ensure that your content is written specifically for the keywords (search strings) used quite often by visitors to the major search engines. There are many free keyword analysis tools on the internet, but a good one to start with is the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Google provides this free tool because it helps people who buy advertising on Google identify the keywords most likely to be profitable for an advertising campaign. Basically, you would need website optimization that works to rank better on search engine.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool Image

But we can also use this tool to identify some high value keywords that offer the most “bang for the buck.” In the example above, I show the results of a search for “internet marketing” which provides the total number of visits for each search string that Google has received. It results in a list of 1,000 keywords that were used that all relate to internet marketing, and it even provides the traffic count (total and local to me!) of each keyword. Would this free tool be useful for you when building your content marketing plan?

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