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Are You Feeling The Internet Squeeze?

by Joe Manausa, MBA on April 29, 2011

Bottom Line Being Squeezed ImageI am finding so many business owners are feeling the internet squeeze, they just did not have a clearly defined understanding of what they were experiencing. For readers new to The Internet Squeeze, this effect is the pressure that companies are feeling from the need to be involved on the internet without yet realizing any benefit to any bottom line results.

The internet has pushed corporate leaders into creating additional expenses, but little or no sales benefits are being recorded due to their activity online. Sales people are not being aided by current company actions on the internet, and they too have a need to increase their earnings to keep up with the rising cost of living. The “Squeeze” is the pressures that companies are feeling on their margins, due to the rising cost of their sales force and the rising cost of marketing related to the addition of an internet marketing plan, without any bottom line results.

The message that I want to promote is that it is entirely possible to move a brick and mortar business to one that relies heavily on its internet marketing plan. The only long-term solution for your business model MUST include a decisive plan of action to establish your company as a resource site on the internet. The world wide web is not a marketing medium, rather it is the marketplace of the future (and present).

If you are finding yourself and your organization being squeezed, I would encourage you to check out a few of our most popular articles to date. Though the Internet Squeeze is less than two months old, we have been getting some very positive feedback on our attempts to aid brick and mortar businesses understand their need to move to a model which emphasizes actively selling on the internet.

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