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Tips On Enhancing Your Content Marketing

by Joe Manausa, MBA on May 18, 2011

Enhance Content MarketingYesterday’s post about the use of pictures to enhance a content marketing plan generated some good discussion about methods for making a website more engaging to visitors. I had posted links to this blog post on several different sites, and quite a few readers opined on enhancing content for better reader engagement.

One such reader, Lyn, wrote:

Totally agree. I myself am a visual person & I won’t read a post without pictures (especially here on AR). I just can’t make it thru the content!  It’s just to much info punching you in the face.  White space is just as important as pictures.  A 4″ paragraph in a blog is really a book to readers.

Most people, whether they know it or not, are like Lyn. They typically are not going to enjoy reading content delivered in the same type of format that one would find in a business book or a novel. They want information in small bites, and the structure of our content delivery system should keep this thought as a high priority.

Even white papers should be broken down into bullet points and brief paragraphs. Too often, great content is ignored because it is far more information than a reader is prepared to digest at that time. The reason that the blogging platform has become so popular is that it allows a business to dissect its website into pages that are ideally suited for today’s internet consumer.

Font size is an important consideration as well. Most browsers offer font magnification, but the reality is that our visitors will more than likely skip “small” content rather than re-size their browser. The company website should be set-up to offer most content in a size 14 font, thus increasing the font size for most sites, and reducing the bounce rate from visitors who do not want to squint.

So take a look at some of your competitor’s websites. Are they optimized for content marketing, or do they offer you a great opportunity to move to the leadership position in your niche? Most likely, it will not take you long to establish the best content marketing plan among your top competitors.

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