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Creative Internet Marketing For Under A Dollar

by Joe Manausa, MBA on May 10, 2011

Creative Internet Marketing ImageToo often, people who are not tech savvy believe they must spend a lot of money to obtain creative internet marketing materials. This post is going to show a “sliver” of the sales vortex in action, demonstrating how to spend less than $1 to create a promotional video to encourage people to sign up to one of my real estate list marketing campaigns. Of course, if you are willing to get a serious marketing tool and invest in video production, it will bring your marketing campaign to a new level. Learn more about Zaini Media if you are looking for video production company in Dubai.

I currently have a product that is finishing the development stage that will offer hours of video instruction to homeowners who are thinking about selling a house on their own. While the concept is not unique, this product shows home sellers how to effectively use a targeted internet marketing plan to sell a house. Based upon my experience, it contains information that 99% of all real estate agents do not even know about.

The following short video was created on a site that charges very little to create animated videos. These videos not only capture the attention of their viewers, but they also have an enhanced chance to go viral. What would happen to your sales if a video promoting your products or services went viral?

You Could Learn A Lot From A Dummy …
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I spent roughly 10 minutes and about 80 cents producing the video (my wife already told me to that it’s too long :)), but I wanted to demonstrate the ease at which we can create promotional pieces for any product or service that we sell. This video was created at xtranormal.com, and I suspect there are many other sites just like it.

Imagine if you dedicated a few pages on your company website for each product or service that you offer? What if you had company competitions to create funny or informative videos about each one and then used your sales vortex to drive a massive amount of traffic to these videos? Would you be able to sell more products?

Do not under-estimate the ability of the internet to generate the principle of “mass.” If one of your thousands of videos ever goes viral, it could cause a flood of traffic to your website and to your other videos … which in turn could go viral and the process could spiral like magic. So, do you have eighty cents to get started?

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