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Creating Focus And Clarity In Your Content Marketing Plan

by Joe Manausa, MBA on May 4, 2011

Content Marketing Plan ImageIf you have decided to move your brick and mortar business to the internet, then you most likely are working to establish a content marketing plan. Internet marketing has many effective methods like backlinking, so why not find out more about them? The Internet Squeeze has addressed several issues regarding the importance of providing brilliant content for the visitors to your company website, so today we will examine how to focus your efforts to gain the optimum results.

Remember, the key to having a successful content marketing plan is to have BRILLIANT content, so just creating thousands of pages of keyword rich garbage is not going to promote sales from your company website. You cannot outsource your content plan to copywriters who have no understanding of your products and services, rather you must establish a plan to enable your sales and service staff to be involved in creating this most important element of your internet marketing plan.

Focus And Clarity In Your Content Marketing Plan

Like anything that you do in a business, a content marketing plan should begin with a meeting of the decision makers in the company to determine what goals, resources, expectations, and time tables will be for the content marketing plan. If your company has thousands of products, your plan will be very different than a company that offers a service (or one that offers very few products).

By clearly communicating the intent of the company leadership, proper content will be created and added to the company website in an organized manner, and done in such a way as to see a gradual but consistent growth in the traffic and interaction from online customers.

Focus on the company’s core products or services first. It takes time and talent to produce brilliant content, so ensure that plan is focused on the products and services which best support the company’s bottom line. There will be time in the future to optimize the site for all of the products and services, but by focusing on the highest profitability ones first, you can ensure a safe and secure transition to an internet enabled business model.

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