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How To Create An Article Marketing Plan For Your Business

by Joe Manausa, MBA on June 9, 2011

Article MarketingWe have covered article marketing in previous posts as a highly effective method for created powerful backlinks to your company website, and if you plan to transition a brick and mortar business to the internet, then you must grasp the importance of obtaining many relevant backlinks. Creating an article marketing plan is one great way to get this happening fast.

Backlinks are one of the metrics that Google and the other search engines use to determine the authority of your website, so the more that you have (from websites relevant to your product or service), the higher your ranking will be with the search engines. This higher ranking will result in more FREE organic traffic to your website.

We seek the highly prized organic traffic from the search engines, as our studies show that these consumers are most interested in your products or services. Sure, you can run adword advertisements to pull in immediate traffic, but organic traffic from search engines is a river of visitors that come to your site purely out of the need to find the answers to their problems.

How To Create An Article Marketing Plan

The most important aspect of creating an article marketing plan for your company is “relevancy.” The best backlinks that you can create will come from websites that cater to the same people that you would like as customers.

To best begin your plan, assemble your leadership team (even if it’s just you :)) and identify the specific niches that you would like to target. For example, if your company provides automotive parts to car dealers in a region, you could target the most profitable products in your line and create a list of topics that your customers most often discuss with you that are relevant to these lines.

Once you create a long list of topics, then all you have to do is determine a production schedule. For example, you could have your staff prepare an article each week that would address a topic from your list. Creating the original content will separate you from your competition, which most likely only has a shell of a company website, serving as no more than a mere brochure for the company.

How To Distribute Content In Your Article Marketing Plan

Once your articles are prepared, the best way to get them published on hundreds or thousands of website is to use the Unique Article Wizard to turn each article into thousands of unique iterations of the article, and to publish each version on a separate website on the internet. This tool is wonderful, as it takes the keywords that you provide and finds the most relevant websites (out of more than 18,000) to publish your article and create immediate backlinks to your site.

Once you get your systems down, you will be able to spend about 20 minutes to publish each article. These articles will have a long shelf life (years, as opposed to seconds with a paid advertisement) and will not only send you traffic, but more importantly will let the search engines know that related sites link to you!

If you create and sustain an article marketing plan for many years, you can literally create hundreds of thousands of relevant backlinks to your company website. Google and the search engines will see you as an authority in your niche, and they will reward you with the free organic traffic that will help you take your traditional brick and mortar business to the top of the internet in for your products or services.

Remember that an organic link on the first page of Google provides about 6 times the traffic of a sponsored (adwords) link on the same page.  How much would that be worth to you each month?  Take the time to listen to the experts on article marketing, you will be glad that you did.

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