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Where To Find Answers To Your Content Marketing Questions

by Joe Manausa, MBA on May 25, 2011

ForumsI am lucky that I discovered some good mentors (who do not even know they mentored me) when I was launching my content marketing plan four years ago. Though I did not know it, my real estate blog in Tallahassee was going to be far more than a leaf on the tree of my company’s marketing campaign, rather it would become the central trunk of how we sell a home in today’s technology-driven housing market.

So too will be your journey as you first attempt to launch a content marketing plan, based upon the needs, wants, and curiosities of your prospective customers. And as you gain some traction, your learning curve will go into over-drive. Customers will have questions, comments, and feedback, and this will make you discover new ideas for content delivery. But where will you turn for the answers?

Forums Are Filled With Answers For Content Marketing

I find most of the answers (and many of the questions) that have guided the changes to my content marketing plan at the Thesis Forum. This is a free service for people who have purchased the Thesis Theme for WordPress, and I can tell you, for the few bucks I spent on the theme, the forum alone has been worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to me. Literally.

I generate tens of thousands of dollars each month in fees from home sellers who have previewed my targeted home selling plan on my company website. While it is no work of art, it is widely seen by the people I am targeting in Tallahassee. Considering the technological challenge in bringing this to the market, I was pleasantly surprised that my “support” cost me nothing because all the answers that I needed were either in the Thesis Theme Manual or found through questions that I posted on the Thesis Forum.

The Thesis Forum is filled with thousands of Thesis Theme users who interact as a community, helping each other “figure out” how to do the latest and greatest tweaks to their websites. Of course, there are moderators there as well, who are experts at CSS, HTML, and all the other acronyms to which I know little of. This community of similar-minded souls can help you grow from ignorant to successful in your content marketing plan.

There are many other free forums which you can join as well. WordPress.org has a great community of people searching for answers and filled with information as well. As you develop and grow in your content marketing efforts, turn to these forums and your content will be better-delivered, and more readily found by the consumers of your products and services.

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