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Brilliant Content Marketing Creates The Gravity For Your Sales Vortex

by Joe Manausa, MBA on April 15, 2011

Sales Vortex Content Marketing ImageAt the very heart and soul of the sales vortex that you are creating with your internet marketing plan must lie a plethora of brilliantly great content. The bulk of this is articles prepared by your organization that answer the questions that your future customers have during the process of learning how to buy your products or services.

Think about how most internet buyers (most buyers of everything now) start the process of buying from you and your competitors. They sit down at a computer, fire-up their favorite internet browser, then they go straight to their favorite search engine and type a question:

Google Search Image

So the first thing you must consider in creating your sales vortex is whether or not your company website holds the answers that your future and present customers are seeking. Will the search engines consider you to be the authority on the topics most important to your customers?

Creating Great Content For Your Company Website

Great content comes from knowing the needs and wants of your customers. This requires in-depth research by the staff in your organization. Establish an organizational protocol to question customers about how they began the search for your products or services and start recording a list of questions for which you can create sizzling articles on your company website.

Your customer service personnel are most likely capable of producing a huge list right away. You can establish priorities and identify specific products or services that will be the most profitable for your company, then you must determine how you will produce this great content.

Producing the articles and content that serves as the gravity that pulls consumers to your company website is so important that the decision on how to do it should be addressed by the senior management of the organization. While it is possible to outsource the copy writing to third-party providers, often times the best content will come from the people most knowledgeable about the needs and wants of your customers. I would urge you to consider looking within your organization to find the best candidates for creating the heart and soul of your sales vortex.

There are a lot of techniques that must be learned to ensure that your great content is found by the search engines. Often times, companies make the mistake of “outsourcing” search engine optimization for their websites, but I consider this a core competency of a business that expects to transact on the internet. If you wish to transition from a brick and mortar style operation to one that competes on the internet, then you too must make search engine optimization part of your company skill sets.

Great content does not just happen, it is envisioned, planned, and calendared as part of the company operating plan. Take the time to internalize this most critical mission for your organization and you will leap ahead of your competition.

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