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The Chief Marketing Officer Must Be The Tactical Marketing Commander

by Joe Manausa, MBA on March 9, 2011

Chief Marketing Officer ImageWhen you read the Internet Squeeze, you join an exploration of both the tactical and strategic marketing concepts that must be implemented to take advantage of the vast changes that the internet has brought to the world of commerce. The people with technical know-how must be employed; but they also must be given comprehensive guidance if your efforts are to be rewarded.

I believe that most large organizations will create a position in the organization of the “Chief Marketing Officer,” which will replace the organizational leader of sales and marketing.

The Chief Marketing Officer must be well versed and current on the capabilities of an internet marketing plan, but she also must also be a subject matter expert on the products and services that the company sells.

This person will be a command and control “freak,” ensuring that the company is a content marketing machine, driving traffic to the company websites and creating a highly interactive environment with visitors. This requires a diligence that not many people possess, as every single piece of content that the company places in the marketing channel must be tied to its place in the ultimate sales plan.

The marketing chief will be an expert at interpreting traffic reports and choosing actions based upon customer feedback at every level, which requires an understanding of the computer systems used in the content delivery plan. Though she won’t be a computer programmer, she certainly will have to be able to evaluate technical systems and communicate requirements specifically to the technical team that she manages.

Ultimately, the Chief Marketing Officer must be comfortable with a multitude of skills which span across the boundaries of many past positions in a traditionally operated business. This person will be the most valued of all the subordinate leaders in the progressive company of the future.

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