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Campaign Planning: The Strategy That Creates A Sales Vortex

by Joe Manausa, MBA on April 19, 2011

Sales Vortex Campaign Planning ImageThere are so many ways to drive internet traffic to your sales vortex that it is imperative that you prepare detailed campaign plans for the most important drivers to your sales vortex. A campaign plan is simply an organized vision converted into a sequence of actionable processes that must be performed in order to generate the traffic that flows to the sales vortex.

Campaign planning requires the business leader to determine the many different avenues and opportunities available to draw highly targeted traffic to the company website. We have reviewed content marketing in a previous post and we explored social media which contains many different possible opportunities to find consumers for a company’s product or services.

But there are so many more opportunities at your disposal that you must create a plan to ensure that you do not spread your resources too thin. It is not nearly as important to be “everywhere” as it is to optimize the avenues that you choose to pursue. Too often, I see companies that try to have a presence on every possible channel and they get very limited results because none of these have been optimized.

The job of the internet marketing professional is to analyze the situation, take stock of the resources available within the marketing budget of the company, and then identify the most opportune campaigns that can be launched to fuel the gravity of the sales vortex. A detailed plan will ensure that each path taken is optimized, and that the company’s marketing plan won’t just bend to every new trend and every new “gotta do it” idea of the week.

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