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Businesses Need Social Media

by Joe Manausa, MBA on March 14, 2011

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If you are questioning whether or not your business needs social media, then you have come to the right place! This post is the third in the series of articles written to explain, through a shopping mall analogy, a few of the social media sites that can help businesses increase the amount of sales that they are able to produce from a modern and progressive internet marketing plan. Learn how Andrew Defrancesco and other CEOs have managed to use social media to their advantage.

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Our shopping mall analogy proposes that the internet is “the mall to end all malls.” It is where the world is moving to engage in commerce, and the best stores in the mall are setting up to take advantage of the known traffic patterns that are emerging. Yesterday, we saw how Youtube, Wikipedia, and Amazon make the mall a happening place, so let’s continue our stroll in the mall and see what’s going on at some other stores:

  • Ebay – The craziest store in the mall is a flea market. All you have to do is register with the main office and you can set up your wares in the store and attempt to sell anything you can imagine. Buyers have been known to purchase some crazy things, so the ebay store is always open for business, 24/7. Shrewd marketing professionals know that certain products can be featured on Ebay to increase your brand awareness and that will help drive traffic to your company for many years to come.
  • LinkedIn – One great store in this mall sells the rolodex of the future. Not only does it contain absolutely every business connection you have ever made, it also shows the connections of your connections (and even their connections). You might need to ponder this one for a while! Based upon the principle of 6 Degrees of Separation, LinkedIn is the little black book for everybody. Marketers know that getting everybody in the organization updated and current on LinkedIn could create additional business opportunities, so nobody is exempt (from the entry level employees to the CEO).
  • Facebook – If all this shopping in the mall is making you thirsty, why don’t you swing by Facebook and grab a drink and catch up with your friends. And I mean all of your friends, if you want you can even  Hire a Facebook marketing company. You know, you roommate from college and your first date from high school. The parents of your child’s best friend that you met last week is there, and you can also talk to Jeffy whom you met in Kindergarten. They are all in the pub and they conversations are flowing nicely. Marketing people know that advertising and promotional opportunities exist in the pub if crafted in a targeted manner.

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