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Building Backlinks: Learn From The Little Guys

by Joe Manausa, MBA on June 7, 2011

Building BacklinksBrick and mortar businesses can learn a lot from large corporations, and often times that is where we look for inspiration and ideas when growing our companies. But we can also learn from the little guys too, and today we’ll look at a search engine optimization technique that is used by many sole proprietor’s who work as internet marketing specialists.

In past articles, we discussed how to create relevant backlinks as a very important part of the search engine optimization process. While this is a service that you can choose to out-source, there is a much better way to handle this “in house” that will save you thousands of dollars per month and provide you with a much higher quality list of back links.

sticky marketingSticky organic marketing is a article marketing concept for creating powerful backlinks to your company website that are highly relevant and last for many years. The concept of “stick” refers to the length of the content’s life cycle – and therefore the life cycle of the backlinks to your site. How long does your content remain indexed? How long do your backlinks remain active?

The e-Book above (yours to download for free) covers this concept and why it is far more beneficial to your company’s internet marketing plan that simply paying for backlinks. I strongly recommend that you read through the e-Book and use Web 20 guides and tips to help you begin creating eternal backlinks that will, over time, help your search engine optimization far more than a simple paid backlink plan.

Remember, backlinks are seen by Google and the other search engines as “referrals” to your company website, in a sense they are seen as proof of your authority in your niche. By working to increase the number of backlinks to the key pages on your company website, you will see a gradual growth in the organic traffic that you receive because of your higher rankings with the search engines. Read the e-Book and be prepared to be amazed at the simple, cheap, and effective method for building your authority on the internet.

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Brett Hughes September 28, 2011 at 1:57 pm

Great article. Thank you ! Brett Hughes, Boise, ID


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