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Brick And Mortar Businesses Do Not Need To Blog

by Joe Manausa, MBA on July 7, 2011

Brick And Mortar BusinessesWhile I believe that brick and mortar businesses must engage in a powerful content marketing plan, I rarely recommend a regular blog solution for most of these businesses. Blogging for the sake of blogging, as many people seem to do, has little value to a business that is trying to grow its customer base and make more sales from their online operations.

Much of the blogging advice that I read on the internet is focused on the individual, not so much to the organization that already has a clear business vision and an ongoing brick and mortar company. These organizations can learn a lot from the blogging community about content marketing, but they need to understand that a singular blogger is trying to gain an audience to which he or she can relate, while a company needs to use its brilliant content to attract the consumers in the marketplace that are moving towards making a decision in regards to buying a product or service that the brick and mortar business offers. You can check my blog here to get marketing services help.

To Blog Or Not To Blog

A better solution for the brick and mortar business is to use a blogging platform (like WordPress) to establish the content that will attract consumers in the buying process to their company website. This is a far less personal approach than blogging, but it allows the company to feature problems and solutions that their product and service mix can solve.

I like to think that the blogging platform is so useful to brick and mortar businesses because of it’s simplicity of use and because of its superior ability to quickly optimize content to be found by Google and the other search engines. The business can benefit a lot from these details.  Search engine optimization is a very important element of your content delivery system, and blogging platforms are very well suited for this function.

So if you are an owner or manager at a brick and mortar business, don’t be distracted by thinking that you need to figure out what to blog about, rather put together some of your best thoughts, questions, and answers about the problems that many of your customers are facing. Create brilliant content that is targeted to the questions that are on the top of your customers minds right now, and you will find more people coming to your company website as the authority in your particular niche.

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