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The Real Reason That Black Hat Techniques Are Death For A Company Website

by Joe Manausa, MBA on April 7, 2011

Black Hat Techniques ImageBlack hat techniques are short cuts designed to make the search engines believe that your site is far more relevant to a topic than visitors will find. These techniques are often tantalizing to internet marketing professionals because they promise to bring immediate traffic (and immediate results), but unfortunately they most likely will guarantee the eventual destruction of your website. White hat SEO techniques are the only ones that can help your website gain the right exposure. Check this site to know more about white hate SEO techniques and the best agencies for the same.

Key-word stuffing is an old, classic example of this type of activity. Rather than create an article or page on your site that contains valuable information for the reader, many pages are created with a gross overuse of key words designed to fool the search engines to believe that the site has a focus on a specific subject.

I am sure that you have stumbled across pages on the internet where you just wonder what in the heck the creator was thinking. As an example, imagine my real estate site having a page with copy that says “welcome to the Tallahassee real estate web site featuring all the answers to your Tallahassee real estate questions. We are the experts in real estate in Tallahassee and can help you buy a home in Tallahassee ….” This type of action will move you to Google’s sandbox (Google’s rumored filtering algorithm for anti-spam purposes) as soon as they discover it.

Ultimately, in deciding upon the techniques and processes that your site will employ, just know that anything worth reading will most likely fall under white hat techniques, while anything that is geared more to the search engine spiders will probably be deemed black hat. Additionally, since the ultimate goal of a website for a brick and mortar business is to attract and retain customers who will buy the products and services of the company, most black hat techniques will be counter productive.

Do not be fooled into thinking that “any traffic is good traffic,” rather we want to build a site that delivers visitors with a high conversion rate. The real reason that black hat techniques are not good for a company website is that they attract the wrong type of visitors and they only serve to upset the visitors that the company wants to attract.

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